I’m focusing on cyber bullying for my short film because they are cheap and easy to film as I can use the actors house and laptop so I will not have to buy props or hire a set this makes it more realistic, it is also a current dilemma/ situation for anyone in the world with internet access. This appeals to the UK film audience because anyone who can access the film will likely have internet access so it is relatable/common. Most/all short films about bullying, professionally made in the UK, have been popular and it is a current issue, so it can be interesting for the viewer. Scene one: main character on their computer. I want the storyline to be established instantly. It will be a teenager – This is more relatable to the subject. It will then show the main character with friends, showing them the messages; it will go from there to revealing her friends made a fake facebook profile to tell her what they really think. The next scene will be her finding out and losing her friends. The next scene will be her moving schools and dealing with her old “friends”. The last scene will be the police going to the main characters friends house and leaving with the friends in handcuffs. This last scene will be in slow motion, fade to black, credits come up. There are 3 main characters in the film. The main character is called Ellie, she is the one being cyber bullied She has 2 friends that are girls: Lauren and Sabie. My film is going to be a short film, this is because this type of genre is usually about 50 minutes long which fits in well with the UK film industry trends, like the film, cyber-bully, this was aired on TV and was very popular among young people.


In a world where technology is key, a young girl struggles to keep her happiness alive. A young girl called Emily has been tortured through the internet, her own friends continue to cyber bully her in secret. She struggles to the will to stay alive as her torment slowly breaks her. She is forced to stay quiet as she slowly realizes it is her friends. Her own silence torments her throughout the film until she finally tells the police. This leads to the arrest of the bullies and the end of the film.

Title medium:

The title of my film is dark net, this is because it helps to get to the point of the film but doesn’t give too much away so the audience are intrigued by it. The title is also short and snappy which will attract a wider audience because it is easy to read, this fits with the current trends of the UK film market because most films only have a few words for the title.

running time:

i would like for the running time of this to be 50 minutes to an hour, this is because it fits in with the usual time a short film runs for. This also appeals to teenagers because they have a shorter attention span than others so they will easily be able to stay engaged in the film.

cast /cast list:

I can go to a local group in Melksham called stagecoach, they focus on acting, singing and dancing i could do this because they have training from real actors , i could also ask the drama group in new college, Swindon. this is because they will like to add more to their portfolio of what they have starred in, this means they will be more willing to do it for free.

Main role: Georgina Kite will be playing a teenager called Ellie carter i would like her to play this role because she is the same age as my target audience (16) so they will find this more relateable, it is also because she has the same sexuality as the character so she might be more emotionally attached to the role and preform better as she has had these things said or done to her.


extras: i will use extras because i want to focus on the one person throughout the film, this means the audience can be more attached to her and it makes it easier to follow the story line.

target audience:

My target audience is young adults / teenagers. This is because the issue is associated with them the most this makes it relatable to the UK film industry because it will easily target them . This is the primary and niche’ audience because this is the group of people that will mainly watch it. I will then have a secondary audience of teachers, police or parents. This will be because they want to know more about the issue and my film will be based on facts. I would like the film to be popular in the UK, this is because i will be using a solely UK cast and it is a low budget short film. The film can be aimed at an active audience (people who are watching the production and taking an active part in it EG. commenting on the storyline as they watch) as they will want to follow the story line and understand what is going on. It can also be viewed by a passive audience (people who are watching but aren’t really paying attention EG. having it on whilst on the background) because it will be a pretty easy story line to follow.


funding: i could get my funding from a range of different companies, this is because the UK film industry does not have the money to give loads of money to film producers. I could get my funding from ishorts+ they produce films that raise awareness which is what my short film is doing. They will give me up to £10000 to get the rest of the money i could get funding from beacons as they award up to £15000 they also allow emerging film makers to test their skills this will be useful because i will have to hire a slightly less professional crew to make this film because i will not have the money to hire a proper film crew.



production schedule:

launch date: I have decided that the launch date for my production will be September the 30th 2016, this is because i want it to come out during the school term so that it is more relateable to people. It is also after all the big movies come out so they will not “drown out” my production. This gives enough time to complete all elements of production as it is just under a year away. It should also allow some extra time for when the crew need to take days off.

relevant legal/ethical issues:

copyright means that if anyone has made/named something you can not use it without their permission and you mostly have to pay people to use their song/brand/logo. i can avoid this by using own made music or using the music department in the college to adapt songs so they are not the same i can also use the graphics department to create any logos needed for the production.  As i want this film to be on before the watershed which is 9:00pm(so more people can watch it)  there will be no offensive language or gory scenes, this will also make sure that nothing offensive is in the production. To film on properties i will have to write permission letters, to do this i will have to use professional language and possibly pay the owner of the place i would like to film. If i wanted to film in a public place i need filming permission, i will need the co operation of the public police and local authority. I will inform the police of any written planned filming to help with this process i can contact the UK screen agencies. As I will need permission from the  local authority or council. i will have to get in touch with them first they are responsible for public land, public buildings, roads and parking. The UK screen agencies can also help me with this.


My film will be an age rating of 15, this is because it is a serious issue and i would like to add some maturity to the film, this means that slightly older teens can watch it.




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