Pre Production:


Post Production

Self Evaluation:

In pre production I helped to write the initial script as I helped to incorporate the storyline, I corrected the spelling and grammar mistakes, I feel I did this quite well as I did it in a short amount of time and it was done in the same day that the script was done. I also made a recording schedule, I feel that I did not do this as well as I could because I kept getting distracted and continued to put it off so it was not done in the short amount of time I was hoping it would be done in, if I was to improve this I would take myself to a room where there were no distractions and sit down to finish / do it. I helped to annotate the storyboard, I wrote what size and type of lenses I was planning to use and what lighting we could use along with what type of shot it was, this was so I could explain to the viewer what me and the director wanted to see within the shot. I feel as though I did this quite well because once one of the pages had been completely filled out with the sketches, it was handed to me to annotate whilst the next page was being completed. I did this quite well because it was efficient and saved a lot of time. I also went out with my crew member Beth to do some test shots with different lighting and scenes, we did this because it would save more time during production as we would know exactly what we wanted to set up and where. I did not do this very well because we did not use many different types of lighting and we did not go to many different locations. If I was to do this again, I would improve it by going to more locations and experimenting with lots of different equipment. As my first role of being the camera operator I feel as though I did not have much to contribute to this section of the project, because there was not much practical work that involved using the camera, however I worked within the time frame the only thing I mostly need to improve is my focus, if I was to focus more then I would be able to get more done in a shorter amount of time as this would then speed up the pre production process.

In the production process I did most of the filming, I walked to and from the locations with equipment such as a tripod, reflector and camera bag that contained lenses, filters and two cameras. I did this very well as I did not have to walk very far and the equipment was not very heavy. I worked with the director to follow the storyboard and choose the best angles. I feel that I did this quite well because I did not get angry if I disagreed however my communication skills were not that good and I could have voiced my opinions more. To improve on this I need to become more confident in using a camera and say more of my opinions and ideas. I manually focused each shot, this was because I wanted the viewer to be able to see the subjects clearly, I feel I did this quite well because me and the director agreed when it was best to stop focusing (when the frame was fully focused). As a camera operator I feel that I still have a lot to learn on the manual mode of the cameras, I do not have much experience changing lenses or choosing which lens to use for which camera and shot / angle to improve this I could find work experience or go to camera workshops. As a camera operator I feel as though I had one of the biggest jobs and that I worked well under that pressure however I need to be able to put my ideas forward better and in a more assertive way, this means that if I disagree then I need to inform the director and actors that I feel this way.

in the post production process I helped to edit the teaser trailer, I did this by creating a base trailer that the main editor could adapt / use. I feel that I did this quite well as it did not take me long and I did it in one day, this shows that I was efficient and focused during this time. I then chose the music to go into the main trailer, I chose an instrumental because I felt that the melody would overpower the dialogue in the main trailer. I feel that I did not do this very well as it took me a long time to decide, however I feel that I picked the right music to suit the style of the trailer. I also colour matched scenes, I feel as though I did this quite well because I taught myself how to do it from a YouTube video and it did not take me very long to colour match the scenes to make it look professional and similar. Whilst I was editing I cut parts of scenes out. I did this because I wanted the trailer to be a certain amount of time and I wanted the audience to stay engaged, as this would make them want to watch the film. I feel as though I did this quite well because I have a lot of experience cutting scenes so I was able to do it efficiently, this means I was able to spend more time on other parts of the production. during the editing process I also added titles to the trailer this was because I wanted the audience to be able to follow the trailer easily and to add a more of a comedic value to the production. I feel I did not do this as well as I could have because I did not follow the script and so it took me longer to think of what to write, If I was to do this again I would improve it by following the script / storyboard to make it easier to incorporate the storyline in the trailer. As my second role of being an editor I feel as though I could have had more experience with the software final cut, however I feel as though I worked well with the director to get his ideas through in the teaser trailer and I took feedback from the rest of the crew quite well about the main trailer.

Peer evaluation:



Meg has done a very good job at being the camera operator as she has been very knowledgeable about how to use the camera effectively. She has also been good at following instructions given to her by the director. An area to work on is her communication skills when trying to get her opinion over to the director on what sort of shot and angle should be used. Meg is also very good a using the editing software, and made a huge contribution to editing the trailer to a professional level. Meg always contributed ideas through out the entire process.
– Beth Little

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