Task 3: P3 M2 D1: Analysis of Skills that Enable me to Carry out a Chosen Media Production Role

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Write up of skills audit:

  1. Choosing the correct camera lenses and angles to use is not a strong point for me, this is because I have not had much experience with a camera and different lenses. It is also because I haven’t experimented with many other cameras apart from my own which does not have a detachable lens. To improve this I could go to a photography workshop where I live and ask about different lenses, or get taught about which ones I should be using for which subject matter. If I was to choose the wrong lens for the production I could potentially make the subject look slightly wider or slimmer than they should be, the resolution of the production would be bad because it does not fit with the right picture resolution. If I was to choose the right camera lenses, it would be easy to keep everything in focus and the production would look as professional as it possibly can because we would have the correct equipment.
  2. Being able to put my opinion forward in an assertive manor is also not a strong point for me, this is because I am not very confident with my ideas, to improve this I could start small and gradually build my ideas up along with my confidence and work with others to put my ideas across until I can do it on my own. The impact of me not doing this well is that the production team might not see me as a very responsive team player, which could effect my jobs in the future as they would tell my others employers that I am quite shy and do not participate. The impact of me doing this well is that I could be offered to work for the team again and I could built trust between me and the production team, I could also help to make the production better and enjoy what I am doing more.
  3. Working for long hours is also not a strong point for me because I am not used to doing it and I get tired very easily, to improve this I could get more sleep at night and be more productive during the day to keep me awake. To do this I could find things to keep me busy throughout the day so I am distracted. The impact of me not being able to work long hours is that I could slow the production down therefore the schedule will be out of place and the film wont come out on the release date, this is bad because it will lower the film ratings because people will be less interested in the film. If I was able to work long hours (and do it effectively) then I could get more of the production done so that we keep to schedule and the director could possible tell my other employers that I am efficient.



Skills needed from CV analysis

  • Need to have more experience with using a camera/equipment
  • Need to have more software experiance
  • I need to put my personal statement at the top of the page
  • Add in my phone number
  • I need to do more independent films, but to do more group work to make this happen

My goal within the media is to become a camera operator within the feature film industry. To achieve this goal i will need to create a future career plan with short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals.

My short term goals:

A short term goal is 6 months to a year. My short term goal is to learn more about ISO and aperture speeds, by christmas 2015 within this year i would like to learn more about using the camera on manual mode to create the right exposure and to use the correct frame to create different moods and point of view shots, to do this i could go to a camera workshop near where i live (in Melksham) as they run them every saturday with a professional photographer called Andy York.

My medium term goals:

A medium term goal is 2 to 3 years in the future. My medium term goal is to go to bournemouth university to study cinematography, to get to university i need 300 to 320 tariff points from 3 A-levels, or equivalent to get this i will aim for 3 Distinctions in OCR Media Level 3 on top of this i will aim for a B or higher in my Photography As and A2 levels. While i am there i will create my own productions and work with professional lecturers to help me understand the camera and production process more. I am hoping to graduate with a first class honours degree. I also will be doing some work experience and/or volunteering in make studios, which is in bournemouth, where they mainly produce advertisements and low budget graphic products. I want to work on independent productions with the people i meet at university, as there will be a range of people in the course i will be able to learn things about how to use the camera on manual mode through them.

My long term goals:

A long term goal is anything over 5 years or more in the future. My long term goal is to Move to Wales (once i have finished university) and work for the BBC on TV series as a paid and professional camera operator to do this i will start with an apprenticeship in camera operatingĀ or editingĀ and eventually move to hollywood with all my qualifications to be a Paid camera operator within the feature film industry, as i work on more productions i will hire an agent to help me find more feature films to be a cinematographer in. i want to create action films such as iron man and spiderman, i am hoping to do this in america.