The main roles and responsibilities of a director are:

A film/TV director usually controls the acting. This means that the director will look over the script and decide how the actors will move,speak, what they will wear, to help portray to the audience the genre of the film, the time era and to clearly show the characters personality, this is needed because it helps the audience to follow the film and be more entertained by it. The director also helps to decide who is being cast  this is because he/she decides what happens on set. without the director the production would not be as easily run, there would be more chaos as the director wouldn’t be there to tell people what to do when they are on set. there would also be more arguments as the director has an overview on what he/she wants the set to look like.


The producer will mainly have control over the budget this means that he will provide the funds to make the show and keep the money so that it is safe. he will also provide/keep a schedule for the crew members to keep to so that the film is out on time and that everything is planned. If the producer doesn’t perform at his/her best then the production could loose money or not get the film out on time because there is no set schedule.


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